Battery operated squirrel proof bird feeders

About battery operated squirrel proof bird feeders

In spite of the fact that battery operated squirrel proof bird feeders represent the youngest generation of bird feeders in the market, they have already been established at the very top of the best selling anti-squirrel bird feeders today.
It is needles to point out how popular and efficient they are; the numbers of excellent reviews from previous customers speak for themselves.
All the feeders in this group have one thing in common: they use electric current from batteries to keep squirrels away from bird seed. That's why they are also known as the electric anti-squirrel bird feeders.
However, this group is not uniform as there are some crucial differences between specific models of feeders inside of this group.

Differences between battery operated squirrel proof bird feeder models

The first difference is about the way the feeders work. There are two equally effective but essentially very different concepts of feeder functioning you can choose from:

  • Spinning feeders: these feeders use electric battery power to spin the perch once the squirrel steps on it and the squirrel finally gets spinned off from the feeder
  • Squirrel shocking feeders: electric battery power is used to hit the squirrels with tiny electric shock so that the squirrels become conditioned not to hang around bird feeders of this kind 
The second difference is based on the type of the battery. Thus, there are feeders with:
  • Rechargeable battery: the battery is integrated as a part of the feeder and the feeder usually comes with charger with or without additional cost for the charger. 
  • Replaceable battery: feeders with replaceable batteries use commercially made batteries, usually 9V type

The best battery operated squirrel proof bird feeders out there

According to reviews of previous customers, the vast majority sent really positive feedback on two two feeders of this type:

1. Droll Yankees Flipper - spinning squirrel proof bird feeder

Yankee Flipper: spinning bird feeder with battery
After several hundreds of reviews and the rating 4.5 out of 5, Yankee Flipper is by far the best spinning anti-squirrel feeder in the market.
You can read all the reviews at this Amazon link.

Flipper has rechargeable type of the battery. The battery is integrated within feeder structure and the good thing about the battery is you can replace it with new one once it loses charging power.
Yankee Flipper's manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranty on the feeder, while the warranty on electric parts of the feeder is limited to one year.

This feeder is tagged as "Amazon's Choice" product and that's certainly great recommendation for quality, nice price and great reviews from verified customers. 

2. Wild Bill's 8 station - Squirrel shocking bird feeder 

Wild Bill's battery operated anti-squirrel feeder
Wild Bill is truly great squirrel proof bird feeder with electric shock surprise for the squirrels!
This feeder is rated with 4.0 out of 5 after well over hundred of reviews and you can read the reviews on this page

Unlike previous feeder with integrated battery, Wild Bill's feeder does not need recharging. It works on replaceable standard 9V battery with enough power to give the squirrel tiny and harmless electric shock and keep it away from the feeder and the bird seed.
Don't worry - this feeder is constructed in the way the birds don't get shock at all.

Wild Bill is also "Amazon's Choice" product, meaning it is the top of the class of battery operated bird feeders.

Pros and cons of battery operated bird feeders     

There's so much good about these feeders:
  • Both spinning and shocking feeders are really efficient against the squirrels because the squirrels will finally give up trying to outsmart the feeders  
  • They are fun to watch and that's why kids love them! Squirrels are so sweet after getting dizzy from spinner ride or acting clueless after getting a little electric shock. All in all, they get instantly confused by electric feeder experience that's nothing like they are able to meet in the nature   
  • Great customer support, fair warranty terms and spare parts you can count on 
But there's one downside I can think of: you should never leave the battery without power.
Regular recharging or battery replacement is mandatory procedure.

Anti-squirrel slinky on bird feeder: it really works

Slinky toy keeps squirrels away?

slinky to keep squirrels away
Actual granny's bird feeder with slinky hanging
down from feeder pole
I has been almost two years now since I've heard the news about how Kentucky grandmother got rid of the squirrels by attaching slinky to bird feeder pole. In her own words, she has been testing different squirrel proofing tactics for some time and finally concluded that slinky on bird feeder gives the best homemade squirrel proofing results by far.
Being honest (as grannies usually are), she also added that slinky is not exactly 100% effective against the squirrels.
But guess what? I did my own research and I've found out where she went wrong and I am going to share that with you.

Helping slinky vs. squirrels

What you see to the left is the actual photo of granny's bird feeder with the squirrel trying to climb the pole up and against the slinky that's pushing the squirrel down. At the first look, everything seems to be in place here. But something is in very wrong, indeed. Can you guess what?
It's the feeder itself.
Did you notice how close the feeder is to the tree? And here's what granny says:
"The squirrels tried to climb the pole for two days. After they fell off many times, they gave up. A few are now trying to jump from the tree to the top of the bird feeder. If they land it, I let them stay on the feeder for a snack."
You can't blame slinky for defeat because it protects bird feeder from below!
Also, please note that some gifted squirrels may jump 5 to 6 feet to the side and placing feeder next to the trees is big "no no" practice. Even the best and the most expensive anti-squirrel bird feeders lose great deal of their squirrel proof capacity if placed near squirrels launch pad! 
If you'd like to know more tips like this, please read my anti-squirrel bird feeding strategy. Please make sure you grab a big cup of coffee first because it's a long read... but it will pay out if you are fed up with squirrels and you don't want to make the same mistakes as granny did. 

Good sides of slinky anti-squirrel protection

Slinky for bird feeder pole
  • Slinky is truly effective against the squirrels. In fact, it acts like anti-squirrel baffle of some sort.  
  • It's easy to use: get your bird feeder dressed with slinky, fasten slinky at the top and that's it. However, do remember to replace slinky with new one if it gets stretched out under the squirrels weight
  • Slinky is made in different colors and aside from keeping the squirrels away it can be nice ornament to your bird feeder
  • It's really cheap and you can buy it at any corner. Check the prices and available models on

Now let's see real life example how effective slinky is against the squirrel. Enjoy!

DIY squirrel shocking bird feeder construction tutorial

Squirrel proofing time!
After a lot of reading about other people experiences on this subject and taking it all to account, I've decided to put together this small tutorial about making homemade squirrel shocker. The tutorial is aimed to get you acquainted with all the practical advice I've found out there, along with possible dos and don'ts during the construction.
Following lines should help you avoid making common mistakes and help you avoid the dangers along the way.
Yes, the dangers...
But more about that later on.

Of course, I'm not here to talk you in or out from making your own electric anti squirrel bird feeder. I'm here only to point out some important things you should take into consideration before you decide whether to go for homemade squirrel shocker or not.

How easy or how hard it is to build homemade squirrel shocker?

Homemade squirrel shocker
Homemade squirrel shocker: the squirrel just before being shocked 
That's tough question for me to answer, because the answer is truly on your side.
Squirrel shocker construction is really no brainer for those that are good with hands and already have some basic knowledge of the electric current.
But for the folks that are less skilful it will require some more effort and possibly more time. If you feel you're in this group, I still encourage you to read this tutorial to the end. Who knows, maybe you are just being harsh on yourself?
Certainly, the power is in the knowledge. So just to be sure you are familiar with the way squirrel shockers work, I strongly recommend reading my article about squirrel shockers basics first.
There you will find plenty of theoretical knowledge that is necessary for your personal squirrel shocker project.

Why should you go for DIY squirrel shocker instead of buying one? 

Let's try and see what are the advantages and disadvantages of DIY shockers when compared to commercially made branded shockers you can buy online:
  • Homemade squirrel shockers are both fun and challenging (in a good way) to build. Buying branded squirrel shocker is not even closely adventurous in that way. 
  • You can use your imagination to customize your DIY shocker any way you want in terms of dimensions, looks, wooden materials you'll use, seed capacity, etc. Commercial shockers are "as is" and that's it.
  • Commercial and properly constructed DIY shockers are equally effective against the squirrels
  • Improper placement, wiring or wrong choice of electric supply for DIY squirrel shocker may result in hurting both squirrels and the birds. That is the danger I've mentioned in the introduction. BTW, with commercial shockers you don't risk hurting the animals.  
  • The key component in the electric circuit of DIY shocker is proper electric power energizer. If you don't already own the right type of energizer, you'll need to buy one. It means that homemade squirrel shockers (if made from scratch) are not much cheaper than commercially made shockers as one would expect. 
As you can see, DIY squirrel shocker construction is more like subject to fun, creativity and learning process than a chance to save some bucks.
In fact, at the end of the day, a really good homemade shocker may cost you as much as the best squirrel shocking bird feeder you can buy. 

Starting DIY squirrel shocker construction

There are two obvious choices you can make at the start:

1. Electrifying existing bird feeder or bird feeder pole, or
2. Starting from scratch by constructing bird feeder first and then electrifying it

If you are not much into carpentry, the first option may be the easier way. But why carpentry?

Hand wired homemade squirrel shocker
Hand wired homemade squirrel shocker: the frame,
the threshold and the roof (click to enlarge)
Because all three components: bird feeder, the threshold and the frame should be made of wood. Metal, glass or plastic materials are difficult for wiring because you can't fasten the wire to it by hammering. I addition, metal alone may come pretty messy in terms of conducting electric current because metals are conductors while wood is not.
In case you don't already own wooden bird feeder house and you can't construct it yourself, try your local shop or pick one at the
When choosing/constructing wooden bird feeder, please pay attention to the following:
  • The feeder must be suitable for outdoor conditions (wind, snow, rain, frost...)
  • The construction must be robust so it can stand hammering nails to it when fastening the wires. Just look how thick and sturdy the wood is on the above image.  
  • Try to pick the feeder with dimensions that suit desired capacity of the bird seed 
  • Try and find feeder with threshold. If you take a good look at the image above, you'll notice wooden threshold around the bird house is wired. Threshold is mandatory for wiring and if your feeder does not have it, na old wooden serving tray or something similar should do the trick. It is also good protection from spilling the seeds from the feeder.    
Aside from the bird feeder with threshold, you'll need the frame (check the photo). It's outer wooden structure around the feeder that looks like clothes drying rack. The frame is also wired with parallel grid of wires. For the purpose of the frame you can use some old picture frame. The larger - the better.

Electrifying bird feeder    

OK, now we are getting to the most important part so please pay close attention.
The electric system we'll use to electrify the feeder is made of two components:

Small energizer for harmless squirrel shocking: Patriot PE2
1. Electric energizer - this is your electric power source. It is usually used for electric fences to keep away domestic and garden animals away from passing the fence line. Energizers of this kind feature pulsating electric current - a single, short electric impulse at the time. Thus, shocked animal has enough time to recover and instinctively move away from the power source.
Energizers are plugged in 110V wall outlets and when connected to the fence (in this case: the feeder wire circuit) they send electric energy impulses to the circuit.
Since the squirrels are small animals and we do not want to harm them, I strongly recommend energizers with small energy outputs of 0.1 to 0.2 Joules (J).
For the squirrel shockers the most used energizers with very positive reviews are Patriot PE2 for smaller shocks and Dare DE 80 for slightly stronger shocks. 
Energizers come with detailed manual instructions that will give you plenty information on how to wire them and much more details for broader picture of usage and maintenance. 

2. The second component is your electric grid. It is made of two separate circuits: power circuit and ground circuit.
On the image above you'll notice two clamps: red and green. Power circuit starts from red clamp, while the ground circuit starts from green clamp and ends in the ground with ground rod. Once again, these two circuits are separate and the electric current does not run until the squirrel touches both circuit wires at the same time. So, when it happens, the electricity starts running through squirrel's body and the squirrel will experience the electric shock.

Wiring the feeder components 

Imagine black is ground and the red is power 
The logic behind the wiring is simple: you need to place power and ground wires next to each other in parallel grid using the rule: power, ground, power, ground, always shifting alternately... and never like power, power, ground, ground.
Different circuits must be neighboring ones. For example: if the roof is power, the threshold must be the ground and then the first neighboring frame wire must be power, the next to it is ground... and so on.
I hope you understand that the squirrel must touch both ground and power wire at the same time. If it touches only one wire, nothing will happen.

Another important thing is the distance between neighboring wires. Neighboring wires should be close enough so that the squirrels can touch them synchronously, yet far enough so that the birds can't. Of course, that depends on the size of the birds you are feeding.

As the wires are concerned - it's best to use galvanized aluminium wires of small gauge (up to 12) because of low impedance and durability.

Once finished, your homemade squirrel shocker should work like this:

Electrifying bird feeder pole

Electrification of feeder poles utilizes the same principles as feeder electrification explained in previous part of this tutorial: energizer with power and ground circuit wires shifting alternately and spirally from the bottom to the top of exclusively wooden pole. Pole squirrel shocker is great solution in instances oh high positioned bird feeder where the squirrels can not reach the feeder any other way except for by climbing the pole. Here's great example of homemade squirrel shocker pole using Speedrite 2000 energizer which is overkill in my opinion:


I really hope you'll find this tutorial useful :)
Best of luck with the squirrels...

Squirrel shocking bird feeders: anti-squirrel protection you can trust

Squirrel shockers definitely belong to the group of the most efficient squirrel proof bird feeders. Having in mind terrific reviews and great acceptance the most of the shockers of this type have, one can conclude that electric anti-squirrel feeders share the hall of glory side by side with spinning bird feeders

What exactly are squirrel shockers?

Squirrel shockers are electrified bird feeders charged with electric batteries able to produce low electric current, usually under 50 mA (milliamperes). Thus, the electric current is not capable of killing the animals. It gives the animals small electric shock instead, without even fainting them. Think: cows behind electrified fence. It is pretty much the same concept.

How come squirrel shockers work so well?   

Best selling squirrel shocker: Wild Bill's Bird Feeder
Best selling squirrel shocker: Wild Bill's Bird Feeder
It's because their efficiency is based upon basic biological mechanism for all animal species: the learning.
We all know how persistent the squirrels are, but in spite of that and after like 20 electric shocks in a row, every single squirrel will give up trying. The learning principle of trial and error is the very point in this case and after unpleasant shocking experience the squirrels will finally get trained not to come close to the bird feeder.
Also, it has been scientifically proven that the squirrels do communicate among themselves using means of body language, scent caused by fear and vocalisation, so there's a dubious but reasonable chance that the shocked squirrel will not take its friends to the feast anywhere near electrified bird feeder.

But what about the birds?
Do the birds get electric shock too?

Are squirrel shockers safe for birds?

Straight answer is: yes! Squirrels do get shocked while the birds don't.
Here's a little science behind this:
Bird's body parts such as beaks, feathers and feet are very poor electrical conductors with much higher impedance than squirrel's body parts. That's why electric current of weak value refuses to run through bird's body. Commercially made squirrel shockers feature well tempered low electric amperage and that's the reason the squirrels get electric shock and the birds are safe from it.

Types of electric squirrel shockers   

While the working principle of all squirrel shockers is pretty much the same, there's still a difference about the way they get charged with electric power. According to the way the battery is recharged, squirrel shockers are divided into two groups:

1. Self charging shockers

Shockers in this group are capable of autonomous recharging without interference or help from your side because they have solar cell integrated in their housing.
This type of shocker is convenient for placement on sunny locations without nearby electric power source.
The best example of solar powered shocker is "Squirrel-Off" bird feeder. 
Note: this feeder is currently sold out. Please check the availability at this link.

2. Manually charging shockers 

Shockers in this group are suitable for placement in your backyard or any other location with electric power source needed for recharging. 
Good thing about them is they are independent of sunlight intensity and work without problems in days obscured by overcast or during short winter days.
The best reviewed representative of this group is certainly Wild Bill's Squirrel Shocker.    

Squirrel shocker placement - best practices

I can not stress enough how important it is to place your bird feeder properly.
So please, always remember this advice: even the world's best anti-squirrel feeder becomes vulnerable if deployed in wrong or careless manner!
What does it mean?
It means that if you really want to get rid of the squirrels, you must know some additional tactics like:
  • How to choose proper pole for your squirrel shocker?
  • Where to place the pole: do's and don'ts 
  • Does it really matter what kind of anti-squirrel baffle will you use? 
If you really wish to get the maximum benefit from squirrel shocker I strongly recommend reading anti-squirrel feeder placement tips from this website.

In hope this will be helpful,

Any new squirrel proof bird feeders out there?

"Yes, we're doing fine... as long as you hate reading long articles here!" 
It's been almost two years now since I've wrote last squirrel proof bird feeder review here and it's because no new feeders showed up in the meantime.
Well, at least not the ones worth of your attention. Really, "there is nothing new under the sun".
This means that even after these two years Droll Yankee is still world's best spinning anti-squirrel bird feeder, while Wild Bill is still the best electric squirrel shocker of all times. Unfortunately, the people are still too busy to read long articles like how to choose best squirrel proof feeder before actually buying one. That's how shopping mistakes are usually inevitable.
Of course, Chip and Dale love that!

Now, let's get serious because I will not finish this post before I share one short, but very important tip with you:

Beware and be aware of cheep feeder copies!

Feeder got eaten by squirrels.
This is what's left from this very unfortunate "squirrel proof" bird feeder after becoming squirrel food.
No, am not going to tell you the name of the feeder because it is against the rules of this website, but I will tell you it is cheapo copy of otherwise real good veteran feeder Brome Squirrel Buster Plus.
This feeder is on the market till recent and sadly enough, it is soaring with sales.
So maybe it is time to start reading long articles, right?

What exactly do you mean by "squirrel spinner"?

Now honestly... I have read literally hundreds of squirrel spinner reviews all over the Internet while running this website for the past 3 years. All kinds of reviews, both positive and negative of course. And what I have learned from negative reviews is that people have no clue how to choose the spinner with the effect they expect to achieve.
This short advice here on this page is to help you avoid waste of money, improve shopping experience and prevent disappointment from possible wrong spinner choice.

So what do you expect from "squirrel spinner"? 

This is the single most important question you should ask yourself before buying squirrel spinner. Because look where the problem starts:
The problem is that the term "squirrel spinner" is broad in meaning and often used to describe at least two types of squirrel spinners that are of completely opposite purposes. One is to feed the squirrels, the other one is to chase them away! I suppose you are already getting picture where people usually go wrong when making spinner choice.
Here's the photo to make it more clear. Please read the photo description:

Squirrel spinner types
Squirrel spinner to the left is anti-squirrel BIRD feeder
Squirrel spinner to the right is spinning SQUIRREL feeder
Both are squirrel spinners but with very different purpose

Now it's clear - there are two types of squirrel spinners depending on what you want your spinner to do:
  1. Spinner to the left on the photo aims to spin-off squirrel from bird feeder and prevent squirrels from eating bird food. If that is what you expect, please check the best spinning anti squirrel bird feeder there is!  
  2. In case you want to forget about the birds and have fun watching squirrels spinning on squirrel feeder, please check best reviewed spinning squirrel feeders. The collection is small, but it's hand picked.  
It's easy... You either want a spinner for squirrels or against the squirrels :) 

Cheap squirrel proof bird feeders - secret inside!

It's not only you'll will find the cheapest bird feeders here. You'll also get to know my biggest secret when shopping online. The secret that saved me thousands of bucks.

The story goes as follows:

Once I did Google search for "cheap squirrel proof bird feeders" phrase. A simple Google search that probably brings you here as well, right?
But the search I did back then turned out to be much more than a daily routine for me.
Because it saved me thousands of dollars since then!
Here's how:

Wait.. you are here for cheap squirrel proof bird feeder only?

Cheap squirrel proof bird feeders
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Godspeed and bless you.

Now here's the secret... please bear with me and read on.

Looking for cheap squirrel proof bird feeder, finding a gold mine?

I remember that day... I got really nervous after wasting an hour or so trying to find and review just any of those "cheap squirrel proof bird feeders" people generously promote on their websites...
And guess what?
The fact is most of those bird feeders are either NOT CHEAP or NOT SQUIRREL PROOF. Or none of it!
But that's not the real reason I went bananas... It did not drive me crazy itself as much as a thought I'll be trashing my time at every occasion I look for decent discount on just everything I buy online!
Frustrating, right?
But then I have discovered secret door with best possible cheap prices online. And not only for real-deal squirrel proof bird feeders, but for just anything I can imagine...

A secret door to huge discounts and how to use it

Here is step by step instruction:
Step 1.
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Just trust me on this one and come back to thank me later.