What exactly do you mean by "squirrel spinner"?

Now honestly... I have read literally hundreds of squirrel spinner reviews all over the Internet while running this website for the past 3 years. All kinds of reviews, both positive and negative of course. And what I have learned from negative reviews is that people have no clue how to choose the spinner with the effect they expect to achieve.
This short advice here on this page is to help you avoid waste of money, improve shopping experience and prevent disappointment from possible wrong spinner choice.

So what do you expect from "squirrel spinner"? 

This is the single most important question you should ask yourself before buying squirrel spinner. Because look where the problem starts:
The problem is that the term "squirrel spinner" is broad in meaning and often used to describe at least two types of squirrel spinners that are of completely opposite purposes. One is to feed the squirrels, the other one is to chase them away! I suppose you are already getting picture where people usually go wrong when making spinner choice.
Here's the photo to make it more clear. Please read the photo description:

Squirrel spinner types
Squirrel spinner to the left is anti-squirrel BIRD feeder
Squirrel spinner to the right is spinning SQUIRREL feeder
Both are squirrel spinners but with very different purpose

Now it's clear - there are two types of squirrel spinners depending on what you want your spinner to do:
  1. Spinner to the left on the photo aims to spin-off squirrel from bird feeder and prevent squirrels from eating bird food. If that is what you expect, please check the best spinning anti squirrel bird feeder there is!  
  2. In case you want to forget about the birds and have fun watching squirrels spinning on squirrel feeder, please check best reviewed spinning squirrel feeders. The collection is small, but it's hand picked.  
It's easy... You either want a spinner for squirrels or against the squirrels :) 

Cheap squirrel proof bird feeders - secret inside!

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The story goes as follows:

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Cheap squirrel proof bird feeders
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Looking for cheap squirrel proof bird feeder, finding a gold mine?

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And guess what?
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A secret door to huge discounts and how to use it

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How Effective Squirrel Repellents Are?

I'll try to make this straight forward: though there are several types of squirrel repellents in the market today and with different approach in anti-squirrel tactics, it seems no single repellent product is powerful enough to keep the squirrels off from bird food all by itself. Therefore, squirrel repellents can not represent stand alone squirrel proof solution, but they can for sure help as an additional protection to your bird feeder.
This conclusion is backed up by hundreds and thousands of customers who reviewed numerous squirrel repellent products available online.
Let's see first how squirrel repellents work.

Repellent types:

1.Ultrasonic repellents - these are small AC or DC powered electronic devices that broadcast sounds inaudible to human ears, but squirrels just can't stand it and run away. Of course, this theory sounds too simple and too good to be true, so here is the catch: most of the ultrasonic repellents are not squirrel selective and would probably scare the hell of the birds as well! And what's even worse - your cat and dog too! Bad news is also that most of those devices are not "exactly inaudible" to humans and that's what you'll notice in the quiet of the night. So, the general conclusion is that ultrasonic repellents are not only squirrel repellents, but more like animal repellents in general. Therefore, I do not recommend this kind of anti-squirrel defense.

2. Chemical repellents - usually based on coyote urine odor, mothball smell, or some modern synthetic chemical compounds, the idea very of chemical repellents is to chase away the squirrels from your backyard using squirrel hypersensitive sense of smell. But just like ultrasonic repellents, this type is not squirrel selective and it is very dubious how would certain bird species and your pets react in particular. So, would not dare to recommend this type of repellent either.

3. Food repellents - the point is in adding hot tasting additives to birds food and believe it or not - that might be the best squirrel repellent there is! It's because it is proven to be safe for the birds and the squirrels hate it. Here's how it works: bird's organism is set to be completely immune to hot spicy food while the squirrels just hate Mexican food! So unlike the squirrels, the birds don't feel hotness and do not suffer intestinal consequences from ingestion of the repellent. Secondary benefit of using this kind of repellent is that rats, groundhogs, rabbits and similar rodents also hate hot food.
Also, good news is that you can buy either feeder ready food with repellent already added, or repellent only so you can add to the bird food of your choice.

So, I definitely want to recommend following squirrel repellents:    

Why Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Poles Are So Important? Ultimate tips inside.

The truth is I have already tried to compile Internet's most comprehensive collection of squirrel proof bird feeder tips and it seems people find it very helpful. Yes, I think did a good job... but somehow, I have an impression that so far I've failed to stress enough just how important is to avoid mistakes when choosing feeder pole!  
I failed probably because one can't stress that enough... Now, as a mean of redemption, I will try to put together some advice on how to choose proper pole for squirrel proof bird feeders.

But first and foremost try to remember these ultimate tips (watch out, this is of great importance folks):
1. Bad feeder pole can ruin the reputation of the best squirrel proof bird feeder money can buy
2. Great feeder pole will contribute to squirrel proof properties of just ANY bird feeder no matter if the feeder is the top anti-squirrel quality right out of the box or DIY bird feeder improvised from beans can.  
If you are not quite sure what I'm ranting about here, please just remember that feeder pole is either squirrel proof friendly or squirrel friendly! 

Bird feeder pole with baffle
Pole with baffle.
That's what I'm talking about!
OK, now that we know that feeder pole is feeder's biggest aide, let's pick the best pole to keep those squirrels out from bird food.
1. Height of the pole is crucial. Never choose short poles because some "talented" squirrels out there are able to jump 5 to 6 feet straight up. Always go for poles from 8 feet and up - that should do the trick.
2. Never underestimate the power of squirrel baffle. Squirrels can and eventually will find the way to climb any pole and reach the food, while baffle makes it almost impossible. So in case your feeder pole is not already equipped, go and get the baffle and do not give it a second thought.
3. Danger from squirrel attacks also comes from above, position your pole properly. Move it away from any tall objects, backyard inventory, trees, walls, log piles, roofs, etc. Put it somewhere with plenty of clean space around. That way the squirrels won't have a chance of side jump on feeder.
Feeder pole with ground anchor
Ground anchor pole
4. Avoid mounting and maintenance hustle. Feeder poles are required to ease your love for birds and not to complicate it. So, try and find the feeder pole that's easy to mount to the ground and easy to relocate in no time. I personally like poles with ground anchor screws. It feels much better than digging around in backyard every time the pole needs to be moved for any reason. Also, try to pick good quality pole at the very start. I know quality comes with price, but you don't want to to be sanding and repainting those poles twice per year, right? Durable powder coated steel poles are usually good choice.          
Decorative bird feeder pole
Isn't it lovely :) 
5. The last, but not the least - pole should be nice looking and  I really dig those stylish "coat hanger stand" poles like the one I have been showcasing here (pic to the left). If you like it as well, you may want to check if it is available for sale at this Amazon.com link. I strongly recommend checking all of its features. In fact, it's awesome bird feeder pole.

Unfortunately, at the end I must conclude that from all available feeder poles in the market, just a few actually qualify for "squirrel proof" title. It's probably because of the pole producers who do not pay much attention to that feature thinking it is all up to feeder. But it is not.
Please check bellow the poles and baffles I recommend.    

Before you buy squirrel proof bird feeder...

This comprehensive collection of squirrel-proof bird feeder tips is aimed to help you make right decision when choosing your new squirrel-proof bird feeder. Please read this guide "top to toe" because here you will find advice on following important questions:

  • how to avoid common mistakes people make when shopping for squirrel-proof feeders
  • how choosing wrong feeder type may turn you into squirrel feeding instead of bird feeding enthusiast
  • how to read reviews written by people who already own bird feeder you got hooked on
  • the greatest truth of it all: is ANY squirrel proof bid feeder able to get you rid of the squirrels?

So before you go and decide to buy (another) squirrel proof bird feeder, spending some minutes of your time here will save you hours and days, it will save your money and your nerves as well.
That's a promise.

Why people make wrong choices when shopping for squirrel-proof bird feeders? 


We all make wrong shopping choices here and there and there is nothing new about it. But if it's to judge by literally hundreds and thousands of negative online reviews written by disappointed shoppers, shopping mistakes seem to be very frequent with squirrel-proof bird feeders in particular. The reasons for that are many and I will try to identify the most certain pitfalls that await you down the road. So here is big no-no list or if you prefer - a collection of major things to avoid when shopping for anti-squirrel bird feeder.

  • Getting lost in plenty 

Due to a overwhelming number of different anti-squirrel bird feeder products in the market today it is really easy to get lost in plenty. Vast number of manufacturers of squirrel-proof feeders and literately the swarm of their online affiliates are creating even more confusion over peoples final decision on which bird feeder to buy. Here's how to prevent confusion: in this tutorial you will learn just what type of squirrel-proof bird feeder is the most convenient for your own needs. Concentrated on a single type of feeders only, your search is narrowed and the risk of making mistake is set to minimum.

  • Falling for aesthetics

We all love eye catching purchases, but trust me: that's not what you're after in this case! Your search for proven squirrel proof bird feeder should not result in buying garden ornament, but in buying fully functional squirrel proof bird feeder. So if your appetites are into birdhouse decor, you should go for decorative birdhouse and if you want anti-squirrel bird feeder you'd better remember to sink the aesthetics to the bottom of your pondering list. Never forget that the feeder you want must have at least one inbuilt anti-squirrel feature!

  • Unconditional trust in squirrel-proof bird feeders reviews 

It is always good thing to have an insight into reviews of people who already own squirrel proof feeder we got hooked on. And that's true. But we think it's OK to adopt independent strangers experiences on certain feeder models, right?
WRONG! And here's why:
I don't know if you have already noticed this, but why is it that even the most renowned and the most respectable anti-squirrel bird feeders in the market receive negative reviews by its customers? Have you ever wondered how come a single squirrel squirrel-proof bird feeder could get whole 5 stars review from X customers and the exact number of only one stars from unhappy customers?
Well, there's perfectly reasonable explanation to this, in fact there are two explanations:
- While extremely positive reviews may come from feeder manufacturer and their affiliates, extremely negative reviews are possible from competition that tries to downgrade feeder's quality
- Negative reviews may and will come from people who made wrong shopping choice with inadequate feeder type and inadequate placement and usage of the feeder. Those are the people who were shopping without strategy (please read on).

  • Shopping without squirrel-proof strategy 

Most people believe they'll buy squirrel proof bird feeder and that's it. This is the single biggest mistake and single biggest reason for wrong shopping choice!
After some time of studying of all kinds of the squirrel proof bird feeders available for sale, reading contradictory squirrel-proof bird feeders reviews, watching videos related to the subject and doing pretty much of everything to find a "holy grail" solution for my backyard squirrels problem, I have finally discovered a simple truth about it all and I want to share it with you here.
And the simple truth is: no existing squirrel proof bird feeder will get you rid of the squirrels by itself because the feeder is only single component of your squirrel-proof strategy and not the squirrel-proof strategy alone. Further on, any squirrel-proof bird feeder you buy will need a lot of your thinking to achieve the top performance. Think of it as a chess game - you are the player and your bird feeder is your most powerful figure. No matter how powerful it may be, it can't win the game without you and other assisting figures!
Here's another real life example to show you that anti-squirrel feeders demand : looking for "absolute squirrel proof feeder" is the same as if you are looking for "the absolute water-proof watch" and we all know the watches are water-proof up to certain depths only! The same works for squirrel-proof feeders: they are all squirrel-proof up up to some point and depending on how you use them.
But before you determine what your anti-squirrel strategy is going to be like, you need to be familiar with the types of anti-squirrel bird feeders first because they hold central part of your anti-squirrel defense system and therefore are good starting point to build the strategy from.

Types of squirrel proof bird feeders

Getting to know unique features of different squirrel proof bird feeders types is your first step towards building successful anti-squirrel strategy. So here's classification of the feeders with the feeder examples of each group. I strongly recommend visiting all the links with feeder examples before you get the idea what might work for you. ANY of the feeders you'll find bellow will give good results once you learn how to use them and where to place them!

Depending on the squirrel proof mechanism they feature, all feeders may be classified into two major categories: electric and mechanical.

Electric squirrel proof bird feeders   

This type of feeders utilizes electric energy to prevent squirrels from stealing bird food. Depending on the way how they use electric energy to chase the squirrels away, electric bird feeders may be further classified into two sub groups:
- Spinning squirrel proof bird feeders: electric power is used to spin off the squirrels from feeders perch the moment the squirrel comes close to the bird feeding port. To see how it works please check this example of spinning squirrel proof bird feeder.  
- The "electric shock" squirrel proof bird feeders: electric power is used to give the squirrels small and harmless electric shock similar to the static we all get surprised by here and there. This small static is what squirrels feel when touching two metal parts of the feeder simultaneously. For more details, please check this example of squirrel shocking bird feeder.

Things to know about electric squirrel proof bird feeders: 
Electric feeders feature inbuilt local battery unit that's recharged either by charger or by solar power. In spite of being very effective, the squirrel-proof features of electric feeders are next to nothing when out of power. This means you have to check regularly if the battery is charged. Or if the feeder is solar powered, cell must have direct access to the sunlight (snow and dirt cleaning as well as placing feeder out of shade). The truth is electric bird feeders need your frequent supervision to function properly and if for any reason you can not afford the time to inspect your electric bird feeder at least twice a week, it might not be right choice for you.    

Mechanical squirrel proof bird feeders      

This broad group of squirrel proof bird feeders consists of feeder models that feature some kind of mechanical barrier of some other mechanism to prevent squirrels from accessing bird feeding ports. Depending on squirrel-proof concept, mechanical bird feeders may be placed in three major categories:
- Caged squirrel-proof bird feeders - simple but effective feeders presented by regular non squirrel-proof bird feeders placed in the cage. The width of the grid on cage construction is being set so that only small birds can enter the cage and reach the feeder, while big birds, rats and squirrels can't. To see several examples please visit the page dedicated to caged squirrel-proof bird feeders.
- Anti-squirrel baffle bird feeders - these are the feeders with inbuilt anti-squirrel baffle, a mechanical barrier that prevents squirrels from reaching bird feeding ports. Typical example of this group is this four seed chamber anti squirrel feeder. In broader perspective, anti-squirrel baffles themselves are more than welcome as a part of your anti-squirrel defense system and if your feeder does not have inbuilt baffle, you'd definitely want to buy one in order to additionally squirrel-proof the feeder you own. There's one thing you need to note here: the wider the baffle is in diameter, the more efficient it is!
- Squirrel proof bird feeders with weight mechanism make possibly the largest group within category of mechanical bird feeders. They use simple fact that the squirrels are much heavier than wild bird and therefore the anti-squirrel mechanism of these feeders is set to trigger off  under the squirrel weight only. Most of these feeders offer you possibility to fine tune the set off weight, so that you can even set the size of the birds that are allowed to be fed at your feeder. There are two working principles of weight based bird feeders: either the feeding ports shut down under the squirrels weight like in Squirrel Buster Plus Feeder, or feeder perches are being set not to withstand the weight of the squirrels like in Droll Yankees Whipper Feeder. 

Ultimate anti-squirrel bird feeding strategy

If you made this far, I am pretty sure you got familiar with the most of the feeder types available for sale. You have also found out that there is no such thing as "perfect squirrel proof feeder". In this chapter, we will try to build squirrel-proof strategy in order to make that feeder work as perfect as possible.

Now let's first decide what exactly should we expect from our squirrel proof strategy?
Most people expect to prevent squirrels from eating bird food and that's OK. But we want even more than that! We want to make everything possible in order to prevent squirrels from even stepping on our feeder scarring off the birds. This way, instead of the first line of fire, we are putting our squirrel proof feeder in the last line of anti-squirrel defense system which is the best possible practice by far.

Here's how we do it:  

  1. Placement, placement, placement... Believe it or not this is the most important thing to consider because even the most expensive and the most praised feeders are worth nothing if you choose wrong place for it. Now, try to imagine your backyard for a moment and try to figure out the spot where your feeder is going to be placed. Be warned: the squirrels may and will attack your feeder from the ground, nearby trees, walls, fences, from anything they can climb on. If you can picture a spot in your backyard that's 5 feet above the ground (that's how much a squirrel can jump in height), and at least 10 feet away (squirrels can jump that much across) from any tree trunk, branch, fence, roof or any spot the squirrels can jump from - you may consider yourself lucky. If I was you, I'd definitely go for something like pole mounted squirrel proof bird feeder or maybe some other hanging squirrel proof bird feeder combined with third party bird feeder pole with anti squirrel baffle. So if your backyard offers enough space, you'll definitely want to avoid critical distance from surrounding objects. But if you don't have enough space you'll have to hang your feeder to a tree or mount it to a pole anyway... but then you are going to need additional squirrel proofing techniques to assist your feeder with: baffles and squirrel repellents are more than welcome in situation like that.
  2. Squirrel-proof bird feeder poles - their primary role is to stop squirrels climbing up the pole while holding feeders at the safe distance from the ground (5 feet or more). Be aware that the poles do not protect feeders from the above or side attacks, so keep the distance and use the baffles to secure your feeder additionally.     
  3. Using anti-squirrel baffles - Baffles are of tremendous help when boosting squirrel proof features of the feeder. They are most commonly used to prevent squirrel attacks from the "above" when the feeder is hanged to a tree, but also the attacks from "below" if you need to squirrel-proof the feeder pole. For more tips on choosing good baffles and their usage please visit this page.       
  4. Squirrel repellents - out of a large group of squirrel repellents, I recommend mixing bird food with hot and spicy bird food additive that's so hot the squirrels won't touch it once they get burned...lol. On the other side, the birds don't have hot food receptors and won't feel a thing!

No matter how comprehensive, this guide is not perfect and is probably missing to share some info. So if you have any questions on squirrel-proof bird feeders or maybe suggestion on how to make this guide better, please make comment bellow.

Anti Squirrel Baffles for Bird Feeders

Squirrel Proof Baffle for Bird Feeders (check more details)
Anti-squirrel baffles (also called "squirrel-proof baffles") are dish or tray shaped objects mounted on bird feeders with primary role to act as mechanical barrier preventing squirrels from reaching and stealing bird food. Squirrel baffles are usually made of resistant metal or plastic materials in order to stand different types of weathering, but also to withstand squirrel bites and weight. Secondary role of squirrel baffles is to act like umbrella and help protect bird seed from rain, snow and intensive sunlight that can lead to seed germination or mold.  
Though some types of squirrel proof bird feeders already come in package with anti-squirrel baffles included (like this bird feeder with anti squirrel baffle), most of "non squirrel-proof" feeders require squirrel baffles to be bought and added separately.

So here comes tough part: how to choose effective anti-squirrel baffle?
Round Pole Mounted Anti Squirrel Baffle - more details
The truth is: choosing great squirrel-proof baffle hugely depends on the type of the feeder you already have! Is it hanging bird feeder like the one on the image above or pole mounted? Then if fixed on pole - is the pole round in shape or square shaped? I guess you understand this is important for bubble tray to be fixed properly to the pole. And there's one more thing: take into consideration the number of baffles your feeder needs because sometimes it is good idea to squirrel proof your feeder with not one but two baffles - one from above and one from bellow the feeder. This is of great importance, especially in case your feeder is on the pole.    
Although general tips are hard to give, there's still one tip you should remember when choosing the baffle - always go for baffle that is wide in diameter! The wider the baffle tray is, the harder it is for squirrels to make past the baffle, so for the best results try not to choose anything less than 15" in diameter.
And one more thing to remember - there are some very decorative anti-squirrel baffles out there but don't get carried away by beauty. Think of functionality in a first place and put aesthetics on a side when pondering your future squirrel-proof baffle.

Where to buy anti-squirrel baffle?  
Before final decision on purchase, it is always good idea to check as many baffle models as possible, to read baffle reviews from people who already bought it, and to check for possible discount prices... Therefore, I strongly recommend visiting Amazon's baffle galore first because there are some really good products there.

Bye, bye squirrels...

The Whipper - A Proven Anti Squirrel Bird Feeder

Droll Yankees Whipper
Droll Yankees Whipper Anti Squirrel Bird Feeder
There's big chance you folks have already heard about this one, but in case you've missed it - please meet famous Droll Yankees Whipper anti squirrel bird feeder. The Whipper is another member of reputable Droll Yankees feeders family, a well known manufacturer of good quality squirrel proof bird feeders.
With four feeding ports and food reservoir five pounds of bird seed, this hanging 28" tube shaped bird feeder seems pretty much like any other ordinary bird feeder. But there's more to it. Aside from really good manufacturing quality confirmed by many owners of the feeder, this feeder features really unique bird seed preservation method based on silver coated anti microbial reservoir tube. This means that the bird food inside the feeder stays fresh for a very long time without the risk of bacterial or fungal infection of the birds! This unique food protection patent is called "Microban®" and for more details please visit this page.  
On the othe hand ,"Whipper" bird feeder utilizes the "old school" squirrel-proof technology and is not technologically advanced as some other family members like Spinning Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder I have reviewed here before. Still, "Whipper" model enjoys high reputation among its owners due to its effective anti-squirrel concept.

So how the anti-squirrel feature works?

The Whipper belongs to the group of mechanical squirrel proof bird feeders and like the most of the models in this group it uses simple trick to repel the squirrels from bird food. The trick is in the squirrel's weight which exceeds common bird's weight by far. If you take close look at the Whipper's bottom tray, you'll notice four curved bird roosts attached to the feeder. The roosts are not firmly fixed to the feeder body. They are practically hanging by the joints attached to the spring mechanism that's been fine-tuned to hold the weight of single small bird only. Anything heavier than that will cause the roosts to move from original horizontal to vertical position. This way, intruders are left without the stand and simply fall off the feeder. To sum it up: the squirrels, the raccoon, rats and big birds are too heavy for this feeder so this feeder belongs to the group of bird feeders for small birds only. Here's short video presentation that shows anti-squirrel Whipper feeder in action:

Where to buy Droll Yankees Whipper feeder?

If you liked Droll Yankees Whipper bird feeder, I recommend checking out the best deals at this Amazon.com link first. There you'll also be able to find more customer reviews addressing this feeder.

Bye, bye squirrels...