Copper made anti-squirrel bird feeder

Copper made anti-squirrel bird feeder
Red cardinal at squirrel-free dinner
Beautifully fitted in your garden or even hanged in nearby forest, this lantern shaped and copper-made "Perky Pet 312C Panorama Bird Feeder" offers full protection of bird food against the squirrel thieves. While the ice-like slippery metal cap of the feeder offers squirrels no place to stand on and stay put, the lower part of the feeder makes perfect hangout place for the birds. The way the perch has been designed makes possible for several birds to feast at the same time in all 360 degree circle around the feeder. The feeder can hold up to two pounds of bird seed of all kinds without exception and patented sure-lock feeder cap keeps bird seeds safe from all kinds of animal intruders, wind, rain and other bad weather.
Aside from squirrel proof functionality, this feeder features eye catching design and should not be underestimated in terms of valuable garden ornament.

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Bye bye squirrels...        
Copper made bird feeder
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  1. This feeder is not squirrel-proof as advertised! Found two hanging onto it easily tips from side to side from the weight of the squirrels...and it just isn't very sturdy....I so badly wanted it to work, as it is a very attractive feeder!!

    1. "Placement, placement, placement... Believe it or not this is the most important thing to consider because even the most expensive and the most praised feeders are worth nothing if you choose wrong place for it. Now, try to imagine your backyard for a moment and try to figure out the spot where your feeder is going to be placed. Be warned: the squirrels may and will attack your feeder from the ground, nearby trees, walls, fences, from anything they can climb on."
      Please check more bird feeder placement tips HERE

  2. I guess the squirrels didn't get the memo. I have 2 of these and the squirrels had them figured out the by the of the day. They find it quite easy to sit on the circular perch and chow down on the seeds. I've tried hanging the feeders from a metal hanger in the middle of the yard as well as from a tree. No difference.

  3. Great feeder pole will contribute to squirrel proof properties of just ANY bird feeder no matter if the feeder is the top anti-squirrel quality right out of the box or DIY bird feeder improvised from beans can.
    Please just remember that feeder pole is either squirrel proof friendly or squirrel friendly!
    It's important to choose the
    right pole with the according baffle
    to discourage the most persistent squirrels from climbing up the pole.