How to ruin your squirrel proof bird feeder (the easy way)

OK, let's run through the checklist:

  • We've bought brand new, top notch squirrel proof bird feeder with all the bells and whistles
  • We 've filled it with 100% natural squirrel proof bird food the squirrels are absolutely disgusted with
  • We have purchased four arm, 8 foot bird feeder pole and hanged the feeder right in its place
  • We've secured feeder pole with the best rated squirrel baffle and dome

We have invested 300 bucks to get rid of the squirrels.
But it didn't go well.
Because we've forgot the most important thing.

Please watch this short video:

You can spend hundreds of dollars on anti-squirrel devices, but if you forget how far the squirrels can jump it's all in vain.
The right placement of bird feeder is the most important squirrel proof tactic and the whole system of your anti-squirrel defence depends on it. As a matter of fact, 90% of squirrel protection is about feeder placement.

For more tips like this, please check my Squirrel proof bird feeding tips on this website.


8 foot bird feeder pole and 10 foot bird feeder pole for anti-squirrel bird feeders

How high feeder pole should be? 

The height of bird feeder pole is truly important thing to take into consideration for your anti-squirrel strategy. The point is simple: the squirrels should not be able to reach the feeder by jumping straight up from the ground. But the question is how high can a squirrel jump?
By summing up the experiences from numbers of bird feeders owners, I have found out that the most gifted squirrels can jump up to 4.5 feet vertically, meaning that the bottom of your bird feeder should be somewhat above that level.
Taking into account that the bird feeders do not usually exceed two feet in height, the conclusion is that 8 foot bird feeder pole should be perfect in size. feet while 10 foot bird feeder sounds like overkill unless your feeder is under giraffe attack ☺
Just kidding... 10 foot bird feeder poles are actually deer proof solution.

8 foot bird feeder pole example    

8 foot bird feeder pole
Kettle Moraine 8 foot bird feeder pole for 
anti-squirrel bird feeders
"Kettle Moraine four arm bird feeder pole" looks pretty much like coat hanger in Victorian style.
But in fact, it is highly decorative heavy duty bird feeder pole made of steel. The surface of the pole is protected by black powder coating in order to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The pole is 8 foot high, while the pole diameter is 1 inch and that's what makes Kettle Moraine compatible with the most of the anti-squirrel baffles in the market.

Kettle Moraine is in the group of the tallest bird feeder poles in the market, but it is not the tallest. If you are after even taller pole for some reason, please check 10 foot bird feeder pole further bellow in this article.

Aside from stylish looks and durability, this feeder pole features another great things: it can accommodate up to four bird feeders with total of 30 pounds of bird seed.
The feeder is also easy to install due to twister ground socket that drives the pole 20 inces into the ground.
And in the end, the most important thing: this pole comes with the anti-squirrel baffle and the overall opinion from previous customers is that the pole is squirrel proof indeed.

For current price of Kettle Moraine 8 foot bird feeder pole please check this Amazon link.   

10 foot bird feeder pole example

10 foot bird feeder poles are not exclusively anti-squirrel devices because their primary focus is to keep your feeder out of the reach of the deers. However, there are some great examples of 10 foot deer proof bird feeder poles equipped with anti-squirrel and anti-raccoon baffle, so if your bird feeder gets visited by the intruders bigger than the squirrels, I suggest you should visit the link and read the reviews there.

Things you should know about bird feeder poles

Always remember that proper placement of your bird feeder pole is single most important thing you should pay attention to!
To learn how to choose the best placement for your bird feeder pole please check my article Why squirrel proof bird feeder poles are so important.
There you'll find plenty of useful info on pole baffles as well which is also one of the key factors in squirrel proofing bird feeder poles.

Anti-squirrel spikes for bird feeders

Anti-squirrel spikes
Squirrel on barbed wire
Recently, while reading numerous reviews of various anti-squirrel devices for bird feeders, I came across dozens of comments from readers asking the authors questions like:
"What are the best anti-squirrel spikes?" 
"Where do I put the anti-squirrel spikes? "

I've been thinking to myself: how come I've never seen a single review of squirrel deterrent spikes itself?
So, I've started looking around for any kind of other people's experience with spiky squirrel protection and finally now I can give you shortest possible advice on that matter: "It does not work!".
Here's why.

Do anti-squirrel spikes exist at all?

I took the time and did thorough research on the Internet and I really could not find any kind of solid proof that barbed wires or spikes of any kind are actually effective in stopping the squirrels from looting bird feeders.
On the contrary, the squirrels don't seem to care much about the spikes!
The worst thing of all is that the squirrels can even use your spike protection as a ladder to climb up your fence and reach your bird feeder.

Here's the real life example:


No matter how fragile they may seem, the squirrels actually have pretty flexible bodies, tough fur, tough skin and paws due to their way of life. Persistent scratching against rough tree bark and scrub-like vegetation made the squirrels practically immune to spike protection.
Therefore, the analogy of protection from squirrels and protection from the other animals can not be made, or at least not in this case. It's obvious.

So, the anti-squirrel spikes don't work. What works for bird feeder, then?

Squirrel proof bird feeding is not so simple no matter how it may seem. It's rather complex skill with very wide base of knowledge you should adopt first, often even before you get your own bird feeder.
But if you are really into it, you'll may want to spend some time learning the best squirrel proof tactics.
I hope my article about squirrel proof bird feeding tips is a good way to start and I hope you'll find it useful.


Squirrel proof suet feeders for small birds

Squirrel proof suet bird feeder
Squirrel-X: typical squirrel proof suet bird feeder
but with noble cause
After reviewing over a hundred squirrel proof bird feeders and hand-picking only the best ones to be presented on this website, I am truly surprised and honestly touched  by the noble cause behind Squirrel-X bird feeder sales policy.
This is the statement from the Squirrel-X manufacturers that moved me:
"A portion of every purchase is donated to a bird habitat and conservation"
Honestly, I can't remember I've heard anything that comes even close to this. That's why I think Squirrel-X is the noblest squirrel proof suet feeder available for online purchase. By buying this fider people are helping wild bird feeding nationwide.
It's no wonder so many people are engaging philanthropy. Besides, it's both affordable and pretty solid in terms of squirrel resistance and weather durability as stated by well over 600 previous customers.

Advantages of squirrel proof suet feeders for birds

Squirrel proof suet feeders are caged bird feeders that use cage as a physical barrier to prevent squirrels and big birds like blackbirds from stealing small birds food. The logic is simple: only the small birds can get past the cage bars and reach the food (as shown in the photo above), while the squirrels can't.
Possibly the biggest advantage of suet feeders is compact suet texture that's less likely to spill around the feeder than a bird seed food. This way the squirrels and the other uninvited animals will not get accustomed to camp underneath your bird feeder waiting for the crumbs to fall to the ground.
But just in case they get attracted to the feeder, you can chase them away in no time using squirrel proof suet food and that's the bird food squirrels hate.
Suet feeders may have up to four suet slots. For example, Squirrel-X has two suet cakes capacity.
Another great advantage of suet feeders is sturdy construction. Steel construction with no plastic parts is completely safe against squirrels teeth.
Also, the weather durability of these feeders is really awesome as the cage bars are coated with rust resistant colors.
And in the end, each and every caged suet feeder is real workhorse and requires no special maintenance except for the cleaning.

How and where to hang squirrel proof suet feeder?

Proper hanging of suet bird feeder contributes to its squirrel proofness in a huge way and it's truly important to understand that not just sued feeders but all of the anti-squirrel bird feeders depend upon the right choice of placement.
Good practices of hanging suet feeders are no different from hanging any other squirrel proof bird feeders.
But, going into depth here is way beyond the scope of this post, so I strongly recommend you should read my squirrel proof bird feeder tips. You'll find plenty of useful tips for placing bird feeders there.   

Where to buy suet cakes?

In case you are not sure how to make suet cakes on your own, you can always rely on Amazon suet cakes offer. There's plenty of blends there you can choose from, indeed.


Squirrel proof bird food: Bird food squirrels hate

Bird food squirrels hate
Amazon's Choice: Blazing hot bird seeds the squirrels will hate
Squirrel repellent food is absolutely way to go approach to squirrel proofing your bird feeder and it's definitely worth of your attention if you want to divert squirrels from stealing bird food.

Let me tell you some science behind it.

The very concept is based on a fact that the birds are able to eat extremely spicy, hot pepper blended food without noticing any difference comparing to regular bird seed (or any need to dial firefighters after the lunch).
On the other side, the squirrels will hate hot food because they just can't stand the taste of it.
This is because the birds don't have hot food receptors in their mouth, while the squirrels do.
So, when a squirrel tastes even a smallest bit of this kind of food it will start acting like most of the people would do: it will start running around in circles feeling the heat rush to the ears and it will finally run away looking for the way to put out the fire... and never to come back.

Oh yes, this works for Mexican squirrels as well :)

Of course, the squirrels don't get hurt permanently. They just learn they are not invited to the feast.

What should one expect from squirrel proof bird food? 

Squirrel proof suet bird food
Amazon's Choice: Squirrel proof suet bird food
Nowadays, the bird food production is highly competitive branch. Having in mind all the advanced methods and expertise used in the bird food production, I suggest we should not go for the second best when choosing top quality squirrel proof bird food with squirrel repellent properties.

What we need is one stop solution for following requirements:
  • Birds must love the food. The food must attract various kind of birds over and over again meaning that all the nutritional needs of the birds must be satisfied using right choice of food ingredients.
  • Squirrels must hate the food: the amount of repellent ingredient within the food must be carefully balanced to deter the squirrels but not to hurt them.
  • All the food ingredients must be 100% natural. The repellent component must be 100% natural as well because the birds ingest it together with the food. 
  • The shape of the squirrel proof bird food must suit your feeder requirements: the food should be available either as squirrel proof bird seed for classic bird feeders, or in the form of squirrel proof suet in case you have suet bird feeder. 
  • Great reviews are more than welcome: if the positive feedback from previous customers is there to support the claim that this squirrel proofing method actually works, then it's definitely good anti-squirrel solution.

Homemade squirrel proof bird food

Hot anti-squirrel bird food recipe
Cole's Flaming Seed Sauce
If you are into preparing bird seed mixture according to your own recipe, you could try and add some cayenne pepper powder to it. It should work against the squirrels. Have fun with, do a couple of experiments and try to determine the right proportion of the pepper powder in the seeds.
Still, most of the people people find using Cole's Flaming Seed Sauce more efficient than cayenne powder because the sauce is liquid and stays on the seeds as it dries out.
Surprisingly enough, the sauce does not spoil the seeds and the seeds does not rot under the influence of the liquid from the sauce. 
A bottle of 16 oz of Cole's Flaming Seed Sauce is enough for about 40 pounds of the bird seed (3 tablespoons per 5 pounds of the seed) and it seems like real good bargain to me.


Battery operated squirrel proof bird feeders

About battery operated squirrel proof bird feeders

In spite of the fact that battery operated squirrel proof bird feeders represent the youngest generation of bird feeders in the market, they have already been established at the very top of the best selling anti-squirrel bird feeders today.
It is needles to point out how popular and efficient they are; the numbers of excellent reviews from previous customers speak for themselves.
All the feeders in this group have one thing in common: they use electric current from batteries to keep squirrels away from bird seed. That's why they are also known as the electric anti-squirrel bird feeders.
However, this group is not uniform as there are some crucial differences between specific models of feeders inside of this group.

Differences between battery operated squirrel proof bird feeder models

The first difference is about the way the feeders work. There are two equally effective but essentially very different concepts of feeder functioning you can choose from:

  • Spinning feeders: these feeders use electric battery power to spin the perch once the squirrel steps on it and the squirrel finally gets spinned off from the feeder
  • Squirrel shocking feeders: electric battery power is used to hit the squirrels with tiny electric shock so that the squirrels become conditioned not to hang around bird feeders of this kind 
The second difference is based on the type of the battery. Thus, there are feeders with:
  • Rechargeable battery: the battery is integrated as a part of the feeder and the feeder usually comes with charger with or without additional cost for the charger. 
  • Replaceable battery: feeders with replaceable batteries use commercially made batteries, usually 9V type

The best battery operated squirrel proof bird feeders out there

According to reviews of previous customers, the vast majority sent really positive feedback on two two feeders of this type:

1. Droll Yankees Flipper - spinning squirrel proof bird feeder

Yankee Flipper: spinning bird feeder with battery
Yankee Flipper: spinning bird feeder with battery
After several hundreds of reviews and the rating 4.5 out of 5, Yankee Flipper is by far the best spinning anti-squirrel feeder in the market.
You can read all the reviews at this Amazon link.

Flipper has rechargeable type of the battery. The battery is integrated within feeder structure and the good thing about the battery is you can replace it with new one once it loses charging power.
Yankee Flipper's manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranty on the feeder, while the warranty on electric parts of the feeder is limited to one year.

This feeder is tagged as "Amazon's Choice" product and that's certainly great recommendation for quality, nice price and great reviews from verified customers. 

2. Wild Bill's 8 station - Squirrel shocking bird feeder 

Battery operated anti-squirrel feeder
Wild Bill's battery operated anti-squirrel feeder
Wild Bill is truly great squirrel proof bird feeder with electric shock surprise for the squirrels!
This feeder is rated with 4.0 out of 5 after well over hundred of reviews and you can read the reviews on this page.

Unlike previous feeder with integrated battery, Wild Bill's feeder does not need recharging. It works on replaceable standard 9V battery with enough power to give the squirrel tiny and harmless electric shock and keep it away from the feeder and the bird seed.
Don't worry - this feeder is constructed in the way the birds don't get shock at all.

Wild Bill is also "Amazon's Choice" product, meaning it is the top of the class of battery operated bird feeders.

Pros and cons of battery operated bird feeders     

There's so much good about these feeders:
  • Both spinning and shocking feeders are really efficient against the squirrels because the squirrels will finally give up trying to outsmart the feeders  
  • They are fun to watch and that's why kids love them! Squirrels are so sweet after getting dizzy from spinner ride or acting clueless after getting a little electric shock. All in all, they get instantly confused by electric feeder experience that's nothing like they are able to meet in the nature   
  • Great customer support, fair warranty terms and spare parts you can count on 
But there's one downside I can think of: you should never leave the battery without power.
Regular recharging or battery replacement is mandatory procedure.

Anti-squirrel slinky on bird feeder: it really works

Slinky toy keeps squirrels away?

slinky to keep squirrels away
Actual granny's bird feeder with slinky hanging
down from feeder pole
It has been almost two years now since I've heard the news about how Kentucky grandmother got rid of the squirrels by attaching slinky to bird feeder pole. In her own words, she has been testing different squirrel proofing tactics for some time and finally concluded that slinky on bird feeder gives the best homemade squirrel proofing results by far.
Being honest (as grannies usually are), she also added that slinky is not exactly 100% effective against the squirrels.
But guess what? I did my own research and I've found out where she went wrong and I am going to share that with you.

Helping slinky vs. squirrels

What you see to the left is the actual photo of granny's bird feeder with the squirrel trying to climb the pole up and against the slinky that's pushing the squirrel down. At the first look, everything seems to be in place here. But something is in very wrong, indeed. Can you guess what?
It's the feeder itself.
Did you notice how close the feeder is to the tree? And here's what granny says:
"The squirrels tried to climb the pole for two days. After they fell off many times, they gave up. A few are now trying to jump from the tree to the top of the bird feeder. If they land it, I let them stay on the feeder for a snack."
You can't blame slinky for defeat because it protects bird feeder from below!
Also, please note that some gifted squirrels may jump 5 to 6 feet to the side and placing feeder next to the trees is big "no no" practice. Even the best and the most expensive anti-squirrel bird feeders lose great deal of their squirrel proof capacity if placed near squirrels launch pad! 
If you'd like to know more tips like this, please read my anti-squirrel bird feeding strategy. Please make sure you grab a big cup of coffee first because it's a long read... but it will pay out if you are fed up with squirrels and you don't want to make the same mistakes as granny did. 

Good sides of slinky anti-squirrel protection

Anti-squirrel slinky on bird feeder
Slinky for bird feeder pole
  • Slinky is truly effective against the squirrels. In fact, it acts like anti-squirrel baffle of some sort.  
  • It's easy to use: get your bird feeder dressed with slinky, fasten slinky at the top and that's it. However, do remember to replace slinky with new one if it gets stretched out under the squirrels weight
  • Slinky is made in different colors and aside from keeping the squirrels away it can be nice ornament to your bird feeder
  • It's really cheap and you can buy it at any corner. Check the prices and available models on

Now let's see real life example how effective slinky is against the squirrel. Enjoy!