How to ruin your squirrel proof bird feeder (the easy way)

OK, let's run through the checklist:

  • We've bought brand new, top notch squirrel proof bird feeder with all the bells and whistles
  • We 've filled it with 100% natural squirrel proof bird food the squirrels are absolutely disgusted with
  • We have purchased four arm, 8 foot bird feeder pole and hanged the feeder right in its place
  • We've secured feeder pole with the best rated squirrel baffle and dome

We have invested 300 bucks to get rid of the squirrels.
But it didn't go well.
Because we've forgot the most important thing.

Please watch this short video:

You can spend hundreds of dollars on anti-squirrel devices, but if you forget how far the squirrels can jump it's all in vain.
The right placement of bird feeder is the most important squirrel proof tactic and the whole system of your anti-squirrel defence depends on it. As a matter of fact, 90% of squirrel protection is about feeder placement.

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