The Whipper - A Proven Anti Squirrel Bird Feeder

Droll Yankees Whipper
Droll Yankees Whipper Anti Squirrel Bird Feeder
There's big chance you folks have already heard about this one, but in case you've missed it - please meet famous Droll Yankees Whipper anti squirrel bird feeder. The Whipper is another member of reputable Droll Yankees feeders family, a well known manufacturer of good quality squirrel proof bird feeders.
With four feeding ports and food reservoir five pounds of bird seed, this hanging 28" tube shaped bird feeder seems pretty much like any other ordinary bird feeder. But there's more to it. Aside from really good manufacturing quality confirmed by many owners of the feeder, this feeder features really unique bird seed preservation method based on silver coated anti microbial reservoir tube. This means that the bird food inside the feeder stays fresh for a very long time without the risk of bacterial or fungal infection of the birds! This unique food protection patent is called "Microban®" and for more details please visit this page.  
On the othe hand ,"Whipper" bird feeder utilizes the "old school" squirrel-proof technology and is not technologically advanced as some other family members like Spinning Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder I have reviewed here before. Still, "Whipper" model enjoys high reputation among its owners due to its effective anti-squirrel concept.

So how the anti-squirrel feature works?

The Whipper belongs to the group of mechanical squirrel proof bird feeders and like the most of the models in this group it uses simple trick to repel the squirrels from bird food. The trick is in the squirrel's weight which exceeds common bird's weight by far. If you take close look at the Whipper's bottom tray, you'll notice four curved bird roosts attached to the feeder. The roosts are not firmly fixed to the feeder body. They are practically hanging by the joints attached to the spring mechanism that's been fine-tuned to hold the weight of single small bird only. Anything heavier than that will cause the roosts to move from original horizontal to vertical position. This way, intruders are left without the stand and simply fall off the feeder. To sum it up: the squirrels, the raccoon, rats and big birds are too heavy for this feeder so this feeder belongs to the group of bird feeders for small birds only. Here's short video presentation that shows anti-squirrel Whipper feeder in action:

Where to buy Droll Yankees Whipper feeder?

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Bye, bye squirrels...   

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