Battery operated squirrel proof bird feeders

About battery operated squirrel proof bird feeders

In spite of the fact that battery operated squirrel proof bird feeders represent the youngest generation of bird feeders in the market, they have already been established at the very top of the best selling anti-squirrel bird feeders today.
It is needles to point out how popular and efficient they are; the numbers of excellent reviews from previous customers speak for themselves.
All the feeders in this group have one thing in common: they use electric current from batteries to keep squirrels away from bird seed. That's why they are also known as the electric anti-squirrel bird feeders.
However, this group is not uniform as there are some crucial differences between specific models of feeders inside of this group.

Differences between battery operated squirrel proof bird feeder models

The first difference is about the way the feeders work. There are two equally effective but essentially very different concepts of feeder functioning you can choose from:

  • Spinning feeders: these feeders use electric battery power to spin the perch once the squirrel steps on it and the squirrel finally gets spinned off from the feeder
  • Squirrel shocking feeders: electric battery power is used to hit the squirrels with tiny electric shock so that the squirrels become conditioned not to hang around bird feeders of this kind 
The second difference is based on the type of the battery. Thus, there are feeders with:
  • Rechargeable battery: the battery is integrated as a part of the feeder and the feeder usually comes with charger with or without additional cost for the charger. 
  • Replaceable battery: feeders with replaceable batteries use commercially made batteries, usually 9V type

The best battery operated squirrel proof bird feeders out there

According to reviews of previous customers, the vast majority sent really positive feedback on two two feeders of this type:

1. Droll Yankees Flipper - spinning squirrel proof bird feeder

Yankee Flipper: spinning bird feeder with battery
Yankee Flipper: spinning bird feeder with battery
After several hundreds of reviews and the rating 4.5 out of 5, Yankee Flipper is by far the best spinning anti-squirrel feeder in the market.
You can read all the reviews at this Amazon link.

Flipper has rechargeable type of the battery. The battery is integrated within feeder structure and the good thing about the battery is you can replace it with new one once it loses charging power.
Yankee Flipper's manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranty on the feeder, while the warranty on electric parts of the feeder is limited to one year.

This feeder is tagged as "Amazon's Choice" product and that's certainly great recommendation for quality, nice price and great reviews from verified customers. 

2. Wild Bill's 8 station - Squirrel shocking bird feeder 

Battery operated anti-squirrel feeder
Wild Bill's battery operated anti-squirrel feeder
Wild Bill is truly great squirrel proof bird feeder with electric shock surprise for the squirrels!
This feeder is rated with 4.0 out of 5 after well over hundred of reviews and you can read the reviews on this page.

Unlike previous feeder with integrated battery, Wild Bill's feeder does not need recharging. It works on replaceable standard 9V battery with enough power to give the squirrel tiny and harmless electric shock and keep it away from the feeder and the bird seed.
Don't worry - this feeder is constructed in the way the birds don't get shock at all.

Wild Bill is also "Amazon's Choice" product, meaning it is the top of the class of battery operated bird feeders.

Pros and cons of battery operated bird feeders     

There's so much good about these feeders:
  • Both spinning and shocking feeders are really efficient against the squirrels because the squirrels will finally give up trying to outsmart the feeders  
  • They are fun to watch and that's why kids love them! Squirrels are so sweet after getting dizzy from spinner ride or acting clueless after getting a little electric shock. All in all, they get instantly confused by electric feeder experience that's nothing like they are able to meet in the nature   
  • Great customer support, fair warranty terms and spare parts you can count on 
But there's one downside I can think of: you should never leave the battery without power.
Regular recharging or battery replacement is mandatory procedure.

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